By Pupil

Students (age 16-18)

NCMJ, São Paulo, Brazil

Pupil (aged 8-9)

Montevideo 264, Uruguay

Pupil (aged 8-9)

Montevideo 264, Uruguay

“We love learning English, it is very funny, very educational, it will help us in our future and we love the songs”.

Pupil (age 10-12), Durazno 6, Uruguay

“The songs, I like the activities, the questions, I like learning how to say the countries in English”.

Pupil (age 10-12), Durazno 6, Uruguay

I have learnt about the colours, clothes, the parts of the body and much more.

Pupil (age 10-12), Rocha 41, Uruguay

By School Staff

Leide Daiana

Coordenadora Pedagógica, NCMJ, São Paulo, Brazil

Rider Moriera

Class Teacher, Rivera 5, Uruguay

Mariela Foliadosa

Class Teacher, Montevideo 264,

Gail Brannan

Headteacher Fairlop Primary School, Redbridge

Leonela Vega

Class Teacher, Durazno 6, Uruguay

Marta Stella González Lima

Class Teacher, Montevideo 258

By Partners

Edna Florido

Coordenadora, NCMJ, São Paulo, Brazil

Paul Woods

English Adviser, British Council, Plan Ceibal

Graham Stanley

Project ManagerBritish Council, Plan Ceibal

Gabriela Kaplan

Coordinadora DocenteCeibal en Inglés, Uruguay