A VCfGL technician experienced in setting VC hardware on networks will assist you with the installation and answer any queries you may have beforehand, please contact or call us directly.

VCfGL VC endpoint for Classrooms
Includes: camera, codec, remote control, microphone.

Specification of VCfGL end point for classroom:

  • One to one calls
  • SIP/BFCP and H.323 / H.239
  • VGA connection only for content share, 720p HD at 30fps dual display
  • Full HD call 1080p at 30fps
  • Records onto USB flash drive
  • X 4 Digital Zoom/ pan / tilt
  • Easy use Remote
  • Easy dial
  • 3 year manufacturer warranty (1 year parts )
  • No licence fees, free feature upgrading
  • Microphone, codec, camera, cabling included
  • Daisy chain and microphone array
  • FOV 77 degrees x 45 degrees x 88 degrees
  • Web management tool
  • 22 supported languages