A VCfGL technician experienced in setting VC hardware on networks will assist you with the installation and answer any queries you may have beforehand, please contact or call us directly.

Router and Broadband

  1. Uploading and downloading speed of the external (WAN) for quality and bandwidth setup. You have confirmed 2meg upload / 2 meg download that is not being used by any other device.
  1. RJ45 socket (for VCfGL hardware)
  1. Enable H.323 ALG (if applicable on your Firewall/Router)
  1. The following ports (both TCP and UDP) need to be opened on your router (port forward to the VCFGL hardware LAN IP)
    1. Port 1719 – 1720 (Bi-directional)
    2. Port 30000 – 30019
    3. Port 80 (optional, if this port already been used by other server)
    4. Port 443
    5. Port 5060
  1. We will be connecting you to the JISC(UK) network if you are located in the UK. Here is an example of the data you will need from your broadband supplier.


School Network First device IP Subnet Mask Gateway Long E164 No.
Example school 00440250027351708
Who provides the data? From Broadband supplier From Broadband supplier From Broadband supplier From Broadband supplier Provided from JISC